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Solved Twice in 5 words: Debt-Slavery

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Few of the precious liberties so loudly decried as “Stolen!” are taken without consent. Most often, the responsible party’s name can be read aloud from the signature line of a contract. Such contracts spell out in explicit detail the terms in which the signatory’s liberties were voluntarily surrendered.

The three largest debt-contracts are the mortgage, car loan, and student loan.

Renting, driving a used car, and getting a degree online, are superior alternatives to the traditional debt-contract solutions. By deploying them, and paying cash for everything else, you’ll enjoy more liberty than the masters who sell debt-contracts as products to formalize the slavery of those who sign them.

Three Upgrades and Emancipation, Too

What’s better? To not be a slave, or to live better than the masters who seek to enslave you?

1 —Better Housing

The best second home is a hotel room anywhere you want to be. The best first home is a rental. Renters:

  • May live anywhere they want.
  • Can move at a moments notice.
  • Are not responsible for maintenance.
  • Don’t have to insure or replace what they don’t own.
  • Don’t pay property taxes.

There’s more, but that’s enough, for now.

2 — Better Cars

A new car loses 9% of its market value when you drive it off the lot. A year later, it’s lost 19%. By year three, the car has lost 42% of its “new” value.

If you have the cash, keep that 42% in your pocket or buy a better version of a 3-year-old car that someone else bought new. If you don’t have the cash, then save up to buy a four-year-old car for 49% of its original purchase price, or a five-year-old car for 60% off!

Better still, if you’re renting (see #1) move close to work where you don’t need a car for transportation.

3 — Better Education

If a college degree is good, then getting one twice as fast at 1/10th the cost is excellent. Or, get two online degrees in the usual four years for 20% of the cost of one. Or, get your bachelors and masters degree in four years for 90% off of each!

Best education of all: homeschool, GED out of high-school, get a degree (or two) online, figure out your purpose(s) in life and become an apprentice of some real-world masters. You’ll be engaged with life, in your teens, in ways your peers won’t be until their 40’s, if ever. You’ll even have a few degrees to show the weenies who think education is a membership rather than a transformation.

Delayed Gratification?

If you want to work a few decades in slavery, then the debt-free alternatives in this article would delay your gratification, forever.

If, however, you’d prefer to live fully engaged in your highest purposes the solutions in this article are light-speed travel in comparison with the norm.

Pay Cash or Don’t Buy

The solutions to the three largest debt-contracts come from a five-word rule-of-thumb principle: Pay cash, or don’t buy. By following this rule-of-thumb, all debt contracts are avoided, including the three largest described in the first solution.

Debt-Contracts are Products

Debt-contracts are not the cause of slavery. They’re products created to address the shortcomings of ignorance and a lack of determination to remain debt-free.

The Slave’s Problems are The Master’s Solutions (And Products)

Those who buy debt-contracts purchase their own slavery. The slave’s problems are the master’s solutions. They’re sold to the debtor to shortcut the personal development required to remain at liberty.

Liberty is purchased at the expense of the acquisition of knowledge of the debt-free alternatives to all such mechanisms of slavery.

Do you not know that, if you present yourselves to anyone as an obedient slave, you are a slave of the one whom you obey? — Romans 6:16

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