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Welcome to the Library Preview

Whenever a new resource (ebook, pdf, guide, checklist, mindmap, coupon, etc.) is offered on, it’s added to the online library and a preview is added here.

Access Instructions

For download access, click the purple button on the sidebar where it says “Click Here for Library Access!“, enter your e-mail, and you’ll be sent the password. Enter that password on “” and you can download any/all of the resources listed, here.

All Future Resources will be Added to the Library and can be Previewed Here

As new things are offered on (in a future blog post or special offer), there’s no need to re-enter your name/e-mail in a sign-up box; just check here for a preview to see if it’s been added to the library, where you can download it with the current password.

If the password is changed, I’ll send the new one out in an e-mail to all subscribers. The current password is included in most e-mails sent out. Check for an e-mail from if you forget the password.

Now in the Library…