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Welcome to, where life is optimized one article at a time. I’m Terence, a musician, writer, father, consultant, pilot, and former computer guy. On this website I share my perspective on the most crucial things in life. My goal is to fully deploy the blessing and burden of a whole-brained mind to serve my highest purpose:

To live an optimal life in line with God’s will and help others do the same.

Terence in Chile is the primary outlet for my contribution to the world. It’s the virtual home base of my legacy. Here, I write and create things I hope will truly benefit others.

I usually publish something new every week. To respect your time I keep words to the minimum needed to convey the ideas. I also make content scannable so you can speed-read and quickly see whether something is relevant to you.

If you want to keep in touch without having to check the website, sign up for updates, below. Just for that I’ll send you the password to McG’s Free Resource Library. It contains an ever growing wealth of the most useful books, pdf’s, videos, audio, infographics, diagrams, etc. I’ve found to help optimize your own life, one article at a time.

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Who is this guy?

Born in Philadelphia, I grew up in Florida and studied music and computer science at University of Florida. I’ve worked as a professional musician on cruise ships and as a computer consultant for IBM, GE, UCLA, and Kaiser Permanente. I’m also an instrument-rated pilot and looking forward to getting back in the air in 2017!

I met my wife on E-harmony in 2006. Back then, online dating was new and E-harmony was working out the kinks and changing rapidly. I also opened my profile to the entire world. For these, and other, reasons Isabel was my 2,677th match! We’ve been married for 10 years and have two children.

On Writing

I started writing lyrics when I was seven. It’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t have a song running through my head. I only started writing in long forms when it was required for business. By 2004, however, it became difficult to get through the day without writing enough to clear my mind.

Including lyrics, poems, technical writing, and prose … writing is now one of four things I’ve spent over 10,000 hours doing (The other three are instrument practice, consulting, and reading). That’s the number of hours Malcolm Gladwell says are necessary for competence in his book, “Outliers”.

Walkaround Songs by Terence Gillespie
Walkaround Songs by Terence Gillespie

I didn’t know about Gladwell’s book when I chose the title “The Outlier’s Handbook(s)” for the three books I wrote for my sons. Starting in 2017, much of that material will be slowly published on in article form. The more complex materials will be put into online courses. Publishing the material in book form is a third priority, after that.

I wrote a book about the travails of a libertarian land development project in Chile. I was fascinated with many aspects of the project and in an optimal position to help people I identify with. For a longer version of my motivation for writing “The Creature from Galt’s Gulch” see the seven short paragraphs under the heading, “What Do I Care?”, in GGC Part 2. The book is available for free in McG’s Free Resource Library.

On Consulting

I’ve been a consultant, in one form or another, most of my adult life. I’m whole-brained and was even tested for brain dominance when working for GE and UCLA. I have no left or right dominance. If you’re familiar with such tests you know they start out with a diagram of your brain with a dot in the center. The dot moves after taking the test to show which quadrant of your brain is dominant. After taking the test, three times, my dot remained in the center, exactly where it was at the beginning of the test.

The drawback to being whole-brained is indecisiveness. The benefits, if you can overcome the indecisiveness, is the ability to see a more complete picture of subjects, ideas, or problems. This disposition has enabled me to thrive as a consultant. By “seeing” a more complete picture I’m often able to formulate an optimal solution, with respect to the values and goals of the client.

Reading is now something I’ve done for 10,00 hours or more. As a result, I’ve been able to expand the number of subjects in which I may assist others. Still, I prefer to stick with subjects in which I have direct experience. My favorite areas of consulting are tax reduction, discovering and implementing life purpose(s), entrepreneurship, getting things done, and life balance.

McGillespie Consulting

If you’re interested in getting my perspective on your toughest problems check out my consulting page.

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