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The Best Review of ‘Grammerly’ I Could Find

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As one writer writing (and administering) two websites and a forum, I rarely have the luxury of consulting an editor. And yet, the talented editors I’ve consulted with, now and then, have often made suggestions that greatly improved my writing. Therefore, I’ve been intrigued by the commercials for “Grammarly”, a background program that makes editing suggestions while you write.

I’m still considering the app and have only just installed the free version, yesterday. While in self-imposed Beta testing I thought it might be useful to pass along the best review I found on Grammarly, so far.

When I first heard that there was a piece of paid software that simply did a spellcheck, I thought that was ridiculous.  Why would anyone pay for spellcheck or grammar check when every computer comes with that ability for free.  Then I heard that Grammarly will even run a spell check while I write blog posts like this one.  But WordPress already does that.  Who would pay for software that fixes a problem I don’t have?  In this Grammarly review, I seek to share that answer.

The Review Outline:

  • My English Qualifications
  • Writing Pays My Bills
  • Taking Grammarly for a Test Drive
  • My First Grammarly Test
  • What is the Difference Between Free and Paid
  • Does Grammarly Make Mistakes?
  • You Must Be Online
  • Check Your Workers
  • Dealing with Plagiarism
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • How Does Grammarly Work?
  • Web Interface
  • Standalone
  • Chrome/Firefox Plugin
  • Word Plugin
  • I Read Some Negative Grammarly Reviews
  • Are You English or Canadian?
  • Can it replace an editor?
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Final Review of Grammarly – Is it Worth the Money?

An Honest Grammarly Review by Jonathan Green

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