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My favorite book of 2014 was The Supernatural Worldview: Examining Paranormal, Psi, and the Apocalyptic, by Cris Putnam.

The reason the book is important is summed up by Chuck Missler in his foreword:

How will you deal with empirical validations of extrasensory perceptions? Of near-death experiences? Non-biblical spirits? Evidence that the mind goes far beyond the organ we know as the brain?1

the current trends toward a “Supernatural Worldview” will prove to be a critical challenge to those who take their personal destiny seriously, and we can certainly anticipate that our adversaries will exploit these challenges to advance their own agendas.1

Cris Putnam And Derek Gilbert On “The Supernatural Worldview”, Parts 1 & 2

Cris Putnam And Gary Stearman On “The Supernatural Worldview”

Table of Contents

— Foreword by Chuck Missler

1. Paranormal Witness to Gospel Witness
2. The Supernatural Worldview of REALITY
3. The Paranormal Paradigm Shift
4. The Ethos of Demythologization and the Excluded Middle
5. Near-Death-Experience Science Drives the Paradigm Shift
6. Telepathy, Dreams, and Remote Viewing
7. Precognition, Theology, and Watchman’s Warning
8. Apparitions, Hauntings, and Poltergeists
9. Mediums, Ghosts, Familiar Spirits, and the Supernatural Worldview
10. Satan, Demons, and the Ghost Hypothesis
11. Spiritual Warfare, Juvenile Prophets of Baal, and the Zombie Apocalypse
12. The Supernatural Worldview of the Bible

Amazon Review Excerpts

Rev Dr R W Boecheon

“An excellent, comprehensive work! Cris Putnam has produced a valuable and well-balanced look at the broad topics of supernaturalism and the paranormal.”

“The mechanistic naturalist (that should be read as “atheist” or the more cowardly term “agnostic”) hates the concept of the supernatural. Because if there is a super-nature, that is, something beyond the physical and material, that opens the possibility of the existence of God, and the intellectual elite and the academic effete certainly can’t allow that.”

Some Christians (I am a theologian and a pastor with a doctorate concentrated in theology and apologetics) have been taught a narrow, superstitious view of supernatural events, and refuse to consider them, or when they do, simply cringe, put their hands over their ears and shout, “Lalalalalalla” like a petulant child so they don’t have to listen. They demonstrate as much reluctance to accept realities and truths spoken of in Scripture as the atheist or agnostic. Christianity is not a system of belief built on blind faith or superstition. But when Christians fail to understand the sound logic and reason which undergirds God’s revelation, they must, buy necessity slip into superstition and legalistic dogma.”

But that’s the lazy way out. God gave us a mind. . . use it to study and understand his inerrant Word. Everything discussed by Putnam in this book is part of reality. If ignored or misunderstood, we simply open the door and invite our Adversary to run wild while we look the other way. Wake up, Folks!”

“Putnam does a stellar job of presenting a broad range of orthodox Christian views discussing the existence of the supernatural and paranormal. For the merely curious or long-time aficionado of things weird, this is a must read!”

Dan Plourde

“I loved this book. Even though I’m a Pastor and Bible Teacher I learned so much and loved the challenge to rethink some of my long held assumptions. I went back into the original languages and checked sources and found Chris’ research impeccable. After I read this book I then purchased ten copies to give away. I can’t say enough about Chris and this book. I have been a fan since I read Petrus Romanus. I highly recommend this book and would greatly encourage all to read his earlier work with Tom Horn entitled “Zenith 2016”. On Supernatural, the first chapter was worth more than the cost of the book. Blessings, Dan Plourde

SkyWatchTV 3/7/17: Tribute to Cris Putnam

I was shocked to learn that Cris died, last week. Here’s a tribute to a tenacious researcher, talented author, believer, and husband, by the folks at SkyWatch:

  1. Chuck Missler, Foreword to The Supernatural Worldview: Examining Paranormal, Psi, and the Apocalyptic, Defense Publishing. 
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