The Rulers are Invisible

By Terence Gillespie on

We have met the enemy, and they are invisible. Almost everything against us, and for us, has an invisible origin. Master this unseen realm, and what obstacles remain of the visible world are child’s play to contend with, in comparison. A shift in focus to the invisible root causes of oppression enables an enormous reclamation …

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Introducing Your Optimal Life Equation

By Terence Gillespie on

Your Optimal Life Equation (YOLE) is an algebraic formula to describe, contemplate, and re-calibrate the optimality of one’s life.  The relationships of the major elements are shown as well as the potential  impacts a change may have. The equation is introduced, here, and referred to throughout the “The Outliers Handbook“. When I got the idea to describe an Optimal …


Investors File Criminal Charges Against Kenneth Johnson and Pamela Del Real, FBI and IRS Notified

By Terence Gillespie on

As promised by investor Lt. Col. Thomas Baker, the forensic reconstruction of Galt’s Gulch Chile has been completed and was hand-delivered to the FBI and the IRS on June 8th, 2015. Informed by the reconstruction, investor David McLeod filed criminal charges against Kenneth Johnson and Pamela Del Real in Chile (Docket number RUC 4710-2015) on …

The Creature from Galt's Gulch

The Creature from Galt’s Gulch—The Book

By Terence Gillespie on

NOTE: Version 1 of this book is ready as of June 11th, 2015. I’ve put all the articles of the McGillespie.com GGC series into book format and am supplementing it with the latest developments and documents from the recovery efforts. In addition to all the articles of the series the book contains: An Index and description …

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Podcast Discussions about Galt’s Gulch Chile

By Terence Gillespie on

The Jetsetter Show with Jason Hartman Jason Hartman and Terence Gillespie discuss Galt’s Gulch Chile and many ways to optimize the path for expatriates in Chile and Colombia. Jason has a wonderful transcription posted just below the link for the podcast: JS 101: What Happened with Galt’s Gulch, Chile? Borderless Network Podcast In this episode …


GGC Part 7 — Jerry Folta’s Legal Action against IGGA

By Terence Gillespie on

Part 1: What Happened and When? Part 2: Root Cause of Problems? Part 3: How Might Problems be Avoided in the Future? Part 4: What’s the Deal with Berwick and GGC? Part 5: Feedback from the Recovery Team Part 6: Johnson Re-Occupies Galt’s Gulch   E-mail Sent to Jerry Folta From: Terence To: jerry@foltas.com Date: …