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The Seven Matters of Life

By Terence Gillespie on

“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein I’ve found that life can be optimized with respect to a minimum of seven areas. Delete any one of them from the equations of your awareness and your life will degrade, sooner or later. Since these areas are irreducible I call …

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On Idolizing the Bible

By Terence Gillespie on

On Idolizing the Bible Commentary on “How the Bible Became an Idol” by Paul Rosenberg I’ll refer to the author as Rosenberg to distinguish him from the apostle Paul. “Again I am raising a difficult subject, but again, it’s something that needs to be said. And my title is true. The Bible – the holy …

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Using the PCL-R to Detect and Eject Your Local Psychopath

By Terence Gillespie on

Psychopaths are all the rage, lately. About 1% of the population meet the clinical criteria for psychopathy.1 That percentage rises to 3-4% in senior executives.2 Many articles and books list their attributes and behaviors. Still, advice on what to do about them is sparse. I have an idea: use the new tool enabling psychiatrists to standardize …


The Rulers are Invisible

By Terence Gillespie on

We have met the enemy, and they are invisible. Almost everything against us, and for us, has an invisible origin. Master this unseen realm, and what obstacles remain of the visible world are child’s play to contend with, in comparison. A shift in focus to the invisible root causes of oppression enables an enormous reclamation …

Your Optimal Equation

Introducing Your Optimal Life Equation

By Terence Gillespie on

Your Optimal Life Equation (YOLE) is an algebraic formula to describe, contemplate, and re-calibrate the optimality of one’s life.  The relationships of the major elements are shown as well as the potential  impacts a change may have. The equation is introduced, here, and referred to throughout the “The Outliers Handbook“. When I got the idea to describe an Optimal …